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About Us

Symba Genomics celebrates big data in biology. We believe in the synergy of health, wellness and sustainability. We extend our data science services supporting those cause. We provide analytics expertise for decision making at all stages of drug discovery and development. We also offer data analysis and interpretation of large scale metagenomics and nutrigenomics datasets.

We apply statistics, mathematical modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover deep insights from real world data. Next we interpret complex biological relations with deep expertise in immunology and molecular biology.

Our Expertise

We bring 15 years of data science experience in big pharma and biotech companies. Our leadership team has successfully led multiple clinical, translational and discovery projects in oncology, infectious, cardiovascular, auto-immune diseases and NASH. We are expert in metagenomics. Our leadership published research articles in Nature Biotechnology, Drug Discovery Today and Personalized Medicine.

We closely collaborate with academic and industry partners on translational projects providing data insights and guidance. 

Our leadership have managed more than 100 projects in medical communications for Mylan and actively managed alliance with biotech and pharma partners. Having deep competencies in project management and communication, we aspire to be the perfect provider of your biological data solutions.

Full suite NGS analysis and interpretation


Services Features

Drug discovery & development

Integration of high throughput multi-omics datasets enables comprehensive exploration of disease landscape. We integrate multi-omics datasets and existing literature knowledge to represent disease mode of action. A detailed understanding of drug mechanism of action based on Pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling helps in  expediting drug development. We offer services in target identification, target validation, drug mode of action(PK/PD modelling), biomarker discovery, and desiging patient stratification strategies leading to inclusion/exclusion criteria in clinical trials. 


Metagenomics delves into the genetic material of entire microbial communities, transcending the study of individual microorganisms. By analyzing the collective DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes present in a given environment. We aim to better understand microbial diversity and functionality, unlocking insights into environmental, human gut. We also offer NGS based quality control services for biologics and vaccines. We are expert in metagenomics and represented GSK vaccines at FDA/PDA consortium on NGS based adventitious agents detection framework.


Nutrigenomics explores how specific genes influence body's reaction to various dietary components, paving way for personalized nutrition. By deciphering genetic variations at individual level, we aim to provide insights for optimized diet based on an individual's unique genetic profile. Nutrigenomics can revolutionize human wellness, utilizing genetic level insights ushering a new era of preventive healthcare. We strongly believe in sustainable human footprint on the planetary ecosystem. We are looking for potentail partners to have impact on food biotech or biofuel  industries.  


Our operational centre is based in the City of Joy, Kolkata which is the cultural epicenter of India.